Couple photo session in Paris

Couple photography in Paris is an amazing bonding activity after which you will also have lots of amazing pictures of you both to cherish memory of your trip to Paris! 

If not in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, where else to take pictures with your second half?

No matter if you are searching for an engagemnt photoshoot in beautiful gawns, or simple casual lovestory, i can assure you – you are in the right place! I will help you with posing while photoshoot, or, if you feel like you want some candid photos – i will be there with my camera to capture your couple in Paris.  

99% of my clients are not professional models, but with my lead they become stars of their own photoshoot! During our time together i help not only with posing, but i create a comfortable atmosphere so we can have fun at our photoshoot, and you would have smiles on your couple pictures!

Proposal in Paris? Why not! Turn your couple photoshoot into engagement photoshoot in Paris!

Proposal can happen directly at the photoshoot, so that photographer would catch a pure emotions. Or it can happen before the photoshoot: magic of love only for two of you! In any case – bring your ring over to the photoshoot, i would be happy to shoot some details pictures with the ring or we can even recreate proposal in some famous locations of Paris!

So it's decided! You want to book couple/lovestory proposal or even engagement photoshoot!

Is in going to be a day or  night photoshoot? Night lovestory/couple photoshoot is performed with external light. Also, i would recommend brighter make up and some cute sparkly dress for a girl!

If you decide to settle with the daytime shoot, i would totally advice you to book sunrise photoshoot for your lovestory. In Paris we have lots of tourists, so to avoid them, it’s better to start your photoshoot early morning. Also morning light is so beautiful in Paris!

Pick locations which you would like to capture during your photoshoot in Paris! We have so many beautiful spots here for your lovestory! The most popular is, of course, the Eiffel tower! Beside it, pretty popular spots are: Louvre, Alexandre 3 bridge, Arc de Triomph, Palais Royal, Cite Island with old buildings and bridges, Galley Lafayette with city view. Check my list of locations here. Also i will be glad to recommend you some unusual but also very pretty and interesting locations in Paris.

According to the amount of the locations – pick the package for your lovestory photoshoot which fits you best and……

….. See you in Paris to create unforgettable memories at your couple/lovestory/engagement photoshoot!

Some examples of my galleries with Couple/lovestory/engagement photography in Paris...