Your photographer in Paris offers you  the following packages for Portraits, Family and Love story or wedding outdoor photo sessions:


30 minutes – 10 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs  – 70 Euros  

1 hour – 30 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs  – 120 Euros 

2 hours – 40 retouched  pictures delivered+ all camera jpgs (2 distant locations)- 210 Euros  

3 hours – 55 retouched  pictures delivered + all camera jpgs (3 distant locations) – 300 Euros 

up to 5 hours of photo session – 70 retouched  pictures delivered + all camera jpgs (4 -5 distant locations, may be split on day|night session) – 400 Euros 


 1 hour –   20 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs – 100 Euros 

2 hours –   30 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs – 160 Euros 

3 hours –   40 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs – 250 Euros 


1 hour – 20 retouched pictures delivered + all camera jpgs – 160 Euros + 20 Euros – service of assistant to hold the light- in total 180 Euros

BOOK your photo session by contacting:

All the packages include all camera JPGs delivered in 2 days after photo session date with possibility to download all the pictures instantly AND choose ALL BY YOURSELF  favourite pictures for post production.


Extra services:

  • hair/make up artist at your hotel (i can share with you contacts of masters who can get to you within Paris area) – average price of such services in Paris is 150-200 Euros 
  • assistant (to handle your bags, coats, valuables, shoot backstage videos and photos on your phone, keep an eye on a child during family session. Very handy person who will take care of distractions which will help you relax and enjoy the photo session) – 20 Euros per hour
  • each additional picture to edit – 3 Euros per picture (on top of the standard package).


The steps of pictures delivery:

Step 0. Book the package of your choice. 


Step 1. Have fun at the photo session.


Step 2. After 2 days I send you an online gallery with ALL camera JPGs. You can download all of them on your computer (usually it’s around >300 pictures per HOUR).


Step 3.  This gallery will stay online for 5 days. This is the time you have to make up your mind and pick up your favourite pictures for editing in amount specified in the package.


Step 4. After your gallery goes offline, I collect the list of your favourite files from the gallery and start editing.


Step 5. Be ready to get your final delivery of edited pictures  10 days after step 4. The final galley will be available  for download within 1 week.


So how do we book time with photographer in Paris?


To book your photo session with the photographer in Paris prepayment in the amount of 30 Euros will be required, so that this day and time will be guaranteed to be left specifically for you. Prepayment is not refundable.

Payment conditions


The rest of the payment  should be done after the end of the photo session the same day by cash or credit card (mind that if u would want to use credit card you will be charged extra 4 % of the amount to be paid for the bank commission).  Full payment should be done not later than the next day after the photo session. I do not touch the pictures until the payment is completed. If the full payment is not received in the week following the photo session day, the pictures will be deleted and the photo session considered cancelled.

Confirm your photo session 

We all are people. Sometimes our plans change. If that happen to you – please, let me know about the cancellation. Also it’s really important for me to get in touch with the client right before the photo session day. One day before the day of the photo session with photographer in Paris we should get in touch (please, contact me after arrival in Paris) and re-confirm the details about our photo session. Photo session which is not confirmed by 10 pm the night before is considered to be cancelled!

Don’t be late for your photo session! 

It’s about being polite and respecting each other’s time. You are booking your photo session at an exact time and date, so please don’t be late for it. Sometimes I may work with an assistant, so you are not only wasting the photographer’s time but also that of another person. If you are 10 minutes late, it’s not a big deal. Longer than 10 minutes, however, you will be eating away  the photo session’s time, a time we could be spending creating amazing pictures. If the photo session is 30 minutes long, I will consider it cancelled if you are more than 15 minutes late. For other packages, I can wait up to 30 minutes before cancelling the photo session.

About timing and transportation

During one-hour photo session, we stay in one area and take pictures in nearby locations (such as Trocadero square and cafés for example). If you want to pick up locations which are a bit further from each other (such as Trocadéro + Louvre), you need to order longer packages (2 hours or more). Keep in mind that moving from one location to another and changing outfits is also counted as the photo session’s time. So, let me know about your preferences and we will develop the perfect route for you. We usually take Uber when changing locations. Travel cost between locations is also not included in the package price.

How and when will you get pictures?

So you get your first raw camera Jpg files in already 2 days after the photo session! Pictures will be sent to you in original quality through online gallery You will have 5 days to create the list of your preferable pictures (with the amount of pictures specified in your package). If you would like to have more pictures edited – let me know, each additional picture to edit costs 3 Eros.

After the gallery will go offline i start retouching, so you can get the final result in another 10 days. So from the photo session date to the final delivery date it would be around 3 weeks. But don’t forget that you will already be having all the jpg files which are available for download in original quality with no extra charges! Final result will be delivered to you via another one online private gallery. Final gallery will be available within 1 week.

All pictures are Hight quality and ready to print. (I don’t deliver prints, only digitals!) You will be able to download all your pictures with one click. The folder will be available for you within next 1 week, in this period you can download pictures, send the link to your friends or family or download pictures on the phone to share your special moments in Paris in social networks.

If the selection of your favourite list is not done on time and you didn’t warn me to extend the gallery, i will make selection on my own taste and send you in 2 weeks term after notification gallery expires.

What if you lost the pictures?

As soon as gallery goes off line – i delete it from online storage. That’s why it’s very important that you stay in contact and notify me in advance if you need to extend for a while your time with gallery (to download pictures or make a selection of favourite list for editing). As soon as gallery  goes offline – its re-uploading and re-opening is an additional service. I store your pictures (only in my edited version, no  raw camera JPGs are saved) in my archives on external discs for some years. In case you would need access to the pictures gallery – we charge 30 Euros to restore them for you.

About the publication

All the packages presented at this website grant exclusive rights to the photographer to edit, retouch, alter and publish pictures on public portfolios and social media websites. If you are against publication, please, let me know in advance.

What the postproduction includes

Photo retouching includes – colour correction, sharpness, crop, skin soften on the portrait pics if necessary (removing temporary skin defects as bruise or pimple). It DOES NOT include heavy magazine style retouching – changing colours and details of your outfit, painting over the picture (painting the make up, cleaning dirty clothes and so on), removing things from your body (tattoos, braces, dark circles, signs of ageing),  changing body shapes.

So before photo session with photographer in Paris take care about your look, hair style and make up. Merci!

More information about how to prepare your photo session in Paris you can see here