Do you want your picturs to look like they were edited by professional photographer??

Good News! I prepared for you my Mobile Lightroom presets, which i developed specially for my camera’s JPG files. You can use them to edit your pictures from our photo session (you remember, that you get all the JPGs apart from my edits from out photo sessions in Paris, right? So you can have as much fun with editing them by yourself, as you want! Just download picture from the gallery on the phone, open it in Mobile Lightroom and use my presets on it.)

Presets can be used in Desktop and Mobile version of Lightroom.

There are 2 presets for different weather conditions.  As a great bonus to these 2 main presets you will also get 6 mobile presets to edit your pictures on the phone and make them more contrasted and interesting

Check out Before/ After. 

Preset 1: 'Z6 Warm'

Good for summer pictures, no bright colours in cloths, reveals the sky and brightens up pictures.

Before After
Before After

Preset 2: 'Z6 less red'

This lightroom preset is great for pictures where there is a bit too much or redness (winter picturs). It calms down reds, reveals the sky and make pictures more attractive. 

Before After
Before After

 All presets make your pictures more colourful, contrasted and with ‘parisian’ touch. But keep in mind that as we take our pictures in different weather conditions and with different background, final result might be different. I would recommend you to play with ‘White balance’ and exposition.  


For 20 Euros

For 10 Euros only!

2 main presets + 5 bonus mobile presets!

Please, pay attention that email which you will enter into payment form will be the email at which you get presets. 

Link with presets will be available within 1 month from the purchase time. 

Mobile Presets bonuses!

1 Yellow

2 Brighty

3 Cafe

4 Sakura

Old Noise 

6 Old Noise B/W