Let’s decide which locations we can cover while your photoshoot!

In 1 hour we can cover several areas in one location. For example: Trocadero square and riverside with Eiffel tower view/OR/ Louvre and Palais Royal /OR/ Old City with Notre Dame and bridges in riverside/OR/ city view from Montmartre and authentic streets with cafes/OR/ Opera and rooftop of Galeries Lafayette/OR/ Luxembourg garden and Latin neighborhood/OR/ Arc de Triomphe and cafes and streets and so on. We can pick locations regarding your taste.

In 2, 3 hours photoshoots and more we can do distant locations. For example: Eiffel Tower and Alexandre III bridge/ Eiffel Tower and Louvre and so on. We can compile your photoshoot from the locations below, depending on the package you choose.

If you like to be captured with Eiffel tower

Trocadero place

Bridge Iena


Bir Hakeim bridge

Avenue de Camoens

Street St Dominique

Streets under and behind Eiffel tower

Alexandre III bridge



Arc de Triomp

Palais Royal

Opera and Gallery Lafayette