Personal portrait sessions in Paris

If you are alone in Paris, consider treating yourself with a personal photoshoot! It’s a lot of fun – to feel as a professional parisian model, but also an amazing memory from this beautiful city.

If you like, you can pick a beautiful dress for your photoshoot with me and team Paris-Photo-Love! Long gawns, flying dress, beautiful short dresses. Sizes from S to L or even XL! Please, check our catalog here – rent dresses in Paris.

There are lots of locations where you can have your individual portrait session. Starting with famous ones like the Eiffel tower area or Louvre finishing some nice parisian streets in Marais or Latin neighborhood.

The best timing for your individual portrait sessions is morning. This way we will avoid crowds and can profit the most popular locations and have no people on background.

Very popular type of photoshoot is “Sweet 16”.  It’s a beautiful tradition for teenage girls to celebrate their 16th year in beautiful dress while photoshoot in Paris!

If you happen to be in Paris in spring – make sure you order photoshoot with me! I know the best places with blossoming trees! In the end of March we can take pictures with blossoming magnolia trees. Later in april there are sakura blossoming trees! Also in our gardens flowers are blossoming all summer! 

Not only for girls!

Portrait photoshoots in Paris are popular not only among girls, but guys as well! Male photography in Paris is one of my specialities. Posing for femails and males are a bit different, and i am expert in both.

Some examples of my galleries with Individual portraits photography in Paris...