Some very useful info from your Paris photographer to prepare best for the photo session

Your Paris photographer prepared some tips, which will help us get the best out of our photo session in Paris.

Something about the style…

Now is the time to scramble through your wardrobe! If you are considering a couple photo session for instance, try to find an outfit that matches that of your partner. Both in style and color. The more homogenous the clothes are, the more natural the photo session will appear.

For girls, one of the best choice for meeting the Paris photographer is a bright colourful dress: beardoux, deep blue or even a classy black dress will fit perfectly. Just be sure that it flutters your advantages and hides what needs to be hidden.  Always prefer high heels if you can (unless your partner in the same height with you) to top off the charm.

Remember, it will spice up your picture if your outfit will resemble the color of the background. For example, golden is perfect color for Alexandre III bridge and Petit Palais gates, because of the golden details in them.

Of course, it’s not only about what you dress. Much of the magic is about the small extra touches: make up, light hair style (keep in mind that it might be a bit windy in Paris), ironed clothes,  clean shoes and so on.

Speaking of the shoes! If you want your legs to look longer, prefer shoes the same color as your legs. For example, if you have black tights – wear black shoes. If you don’t wear tights, or your tights are in nude color – use shoes in nude color (red tights- red shoes, blue tights – blue shoes and so on).

Consider wearing multiple layers of clothes, especially on cold days. It can be chilly in Paris in winter, but more importantly, it is a great and easy way to quickly change style and unveil a new outfit. Changing clothes creates dynamics in a photo session that brings it to another level altogether.

The evening before photoshoot:

Prepare your clothes in advance, and check that it is clean, ironed and in proper condition.

Also, to avoid swelling of the face, which can happen even with the best of us early morning, remember some simple rules: no alcohol and salty food the evening before. Overall try not to drink a lot of water the evening before. And just in case prepare a face massager (roller) and some ice for morning urgency. 

Go to sleep early. You have a great day ahead, let it arrive faster;)

Something about the style…

In couple photoshoot outfits there are 2 important things to follow: match each other in style, match each other in color. To prepare your couple’s outfit check this article – click here.

Be a star at your own photo session!

In the end, it’s all about you and how confident you are in front of the camera. For that, don’t forget to bring things that can fast adjust your look: a hairbrush, hair clip or hair ties (if there is wind they are a good help for your hair), napkins (to clean shoes or clothes in case of emergency), some make up (to adjust the one you are wearing).

Make sure your clothes  are clean and tidy.

Location location location

Usually,  our most popular package with the Paris photographer is a 2 hours photo session. It is the perfect package for visiting 2 iconic places in Paris.

Unsurprisingly, Trocadero place offers the best view of the Eiffel tower. Do not hesitate to bring your most gorgeous cocktail dress – this is the perfect location for it!

Same for Louvre and Pont Alexandre 3. All very classy places with historical monuments and buildings.

If you are considering authentic parisian streets such as Cité, Montmartre, Quartier Latin, or Jardin du Luxembourg, I would recommend a more casual outfit. It better blends in the parisial lifestyle making authentic pictures.

If you are planning on changing outfits, (twice on a 2 hours package is ideal), let me know in advance. We can find restaurants and public rest rooms if you wish to do it peacefully. Keep in mind however, that some locations do not provide such shelters. Do not worry though, I know some hidden places where we can sneak in for a fast change. For full privacy you can get a sheet with you, i will cover you up while you are changing outfits. =)

Time for changing clothes counts as photo session time, so if you want to change 10 outfits in one hour, there will no be time left for the photo session itself. So, be reasonable about it 🙂 

Below is a list of locations that your Paris photographer love and recommend the most:

Some of the locations i can recomend you can be find on this page. Of course, there are much more of the beautiful places in Paris, i would be glad to recommend you something less popular but still cozy and beautiful!

Location is key, but timing is everything

Of course, the best timing to start your photo session is in early morning,  right with sunrise. This helps us capture the perfect light conditions to render soft and sharp pictures.  Moreover, lack of tourists around these early hours will let us be creative in our framing and posing. Paris is a busy city after all!

In summer, we usually start around 6-7 am. In winter, we would start around 9:30 am. Starting time depends on your preferences and the scene you want to capture (early morning, bright light, sunset, etc.)

Let’s add some spices!

To add some extra interest to your pictures, feel free to bring props with you! Some regular classics are flowers, champagne, umbrellas, balloons, etc.. Though, props should not distract you from the main purpose of the couple photo session – getting connected with your second half (if it’s a couple photo session) and  showing real feeling and emotions. If you want to get balloons delivered to the photoshoot – contact me, i will share the contacts of vendors with you.

About the weather in Paris

Weather in Paris is unpredictable. Even if the forecast insists that will rain, we cannot be a 100 % sure until that same morning.

But even if so it happens that morning, the rain is all over the place, do not despair. Take umbrellas and go have fun. There is nothing more romantic than a couple kissing under the rain in Paris. It is well worth the occasional drop. Just make sure that your outfit can handle raindrops and they won’t be visible (avoid silk and linen fabrics as spots are very visible on them). 

Worst comes to it, we can always take a small pause and wait for hard rain to stop. It never lasts long anyway.

There is a possibility to shift a photo session due to very bad weather conditions. Of course it depends on the photographer’s schedule and it requires a bit of flexibility which can be an issue during the High Season time. So i can not give you 100% guaranty of changing date\time in case of an undesired weather forecast.  

Care about your belongings

For minimal distraction please, leave all your valuable things in the hotel. Try to be light and easy to move from one location to another, without being worried about the safety of your possessions.

I am quite serious about this. Paris is known for petty theft, so just leave your valuable belongings and passports at the hotel. Don’t let anything spoil your mood and good memories.

If you have any questions left…

You know where to find me 😉