One of the most frequent questions I get asked is : “how should we dress for our photo session in Paris” ?

I will give you below some tips that will prevent you from making mistakes while preparing your outfits for our photo session in Paris, as well as to any other photo session around the globe.

First Golden Rule - your clothes should be clean and fit you perfectly.

I do completely understand that “my body is my business” and we all wear what we want, but I would strongly recommend you pick clothes that are clean, hide your underwear and best flatter your body-type. For instance, if you have some curves,  it would be better to pick a dress which is not too tight and has sleeves. Like this you will be  freer in your moves during the photo session.  

Pick your clothes according to the season/weather

We all saw these cute pictures with girls in flowing dresses and I do understand that you want to recreate these scenes. But, keep in mind that the weather conditions during your photo session might be different. If might be so cold, that the only thing you would be able to think of while wearing sleeveless dress is :”where is my coat”. So I would strongly recommend for winter photo sessions to forget your sleeveless dresses at home. Instead you can pick the following mixture: A skirt + sweater, jeans + sweater, a warmer dress with sleeves and a coat or jacket. For winter it looks super cute, if you have matching sweaters or scarfs or hats or coats for couple photo session. 

In case it rains...

Well, we can not predict if our photo session will be on sunny weather, or under rain. Sometimes, rain starts unexpectedly and even if it doesn’t rain hard, there are still those nasty drops which can make your outfit look not as perfect as it is supposed to be. For that reason I would like to give you some tips.

If you suspect rain on the day of your photo session, choose outfits with material on which rain drops will not be easily visible (leather, viscose, organza, knitwear). In case you doubt if your favourite photo session dress suits rainy weather,  just check at home if water drops leave any marks.

Prefer black or dark colors in clothes. Avoid linen, satin and silk.

For the top it would  be perfect to pick a leather jacket or a coat in dark color.

Avoid long gowns. Their bottom will absorb water from the street and change color. It won’t look pretty. The only exception is a black gown (not silk material though!), as I mentioned before, black color hides rain drops very well.

Take transparent umbrella with you – it will be a very nice prop!

Check if your outfits match together as couple

It is very essential during the couple photo session that your outfits match in style and in color. For example – if you wear a gown, your partner should wear a tuxedo, not a hoodie and jeans…definitely not shorts. If you wear  something casual, your partner should go with the same style. 

Also make sure that the colors of your outfits match. Basically, if one of the partners wears a total black look, the other partner can mix up to 2 other colors in his/her outfit.

Use the following rule: no more than 3 different colors for both outfits. For example – blue jeans for both partners, a red shirt for one partner and a black shirt for another partner.

You can also try wearing same-color tops and same-color bottoms.  For example – black bottom and blue top  and so on. 


A bit of colour inspiration

 Are you familiar with  color circle?  It will help you match colors of your outfits. Basically, the rule is the following: you should either pick diametrically opposite colors or adjacent ones to make a perfect match. Check the pictures below

Even more inspiration

I hope my tips about outfits for photo session were helpful to you! 

Don’t be shy to ask your photographer to help you to finalise your look for photo session.  Great outfit creates 80% of the photo session’s success. I would be glad to give you tips about your outfits for our photo session in Paris.